Package: linphoneqt @ 4.2.5


Desktop client for the Linphone SIP softphone


Linphone is a SIP softphone for voice and video over IP calling (VoIP) and instant messaging. Amongst its features are:

  • High Definition (HD) audio and video calls

  • Multiple call management (pause and resume)

  • Call transfer

  • Audio conferencing (merge calls into a conference call)

  • Call recording and replay (audio only)

  • Instant Messaging with message delivery status (IMDN)

  • Picture and file sharing

  • Echo cancellation

  • Secure user authentication using TLS client certificates

  • SRTP, zRTP and SRTP-DTLS voice and video encryption

  • Telephone tone (DTMF) support using SIP INFO or RFC 4733

  • Audio codecs: opus, speex, g711, g729, gsm, iLBC, g722, SILK, etc.

  • Video codecs: VP8, H.264 and H.265 with resolutions up to 1080P, MPEG4

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