Package: ruby-asciidoctor-pdf @ 1.6.1


AsciiDoc to Portable Document Format (PDF)


Asciidoctor PDF is an extension for Asciidoctor that converts AsciiDoc documents to Portable Document Format (PDF) using the Prawn PDF library. It has features such as:

  • Direct AsciiDoc to PDF conversion

  • Configuration-driven theme (style and layout)

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) support

  • PDF document outline (i.e., bookmarks)

  • Table of contents page(s)

  • Document metadata (title, authors, subject, keywords, etc.)

  • Internal cross reference links

  • Syntax highlighting with Rouge, Pygments, or CodeRay

  • Page numbering

  • Customizable running content (header and footer)

  • “Keep together” blocks (i.e., page breaks avoided in certain block content)

  • Orphaned section titles avoided

  • Autofit verbatim blocks (as permitted by base_font_size_min setting)

  • Table border settings honored

  • Font-based icons

  • Custom TrueType (TTF) fonts

  • Double-sided printing mode (margins alternate on recto and verso pages)

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