Package: emacs-nhexl-mode @ 1.5


Minor mode to edit files via hex-dump format


This package implements NHexl mode, a minor mode for editing files in hex dump format. The mode command is called nhexl-mode.

This minor mode implements similar functionality to hexl-mode, but using a different implementation technique, which makes it usable as a "plain" minor mode. It works on any buffer, and does not mess with the undo log or with the major mode.

It also comes with:

  • nhexl-nibble-edit-mode: a "nibble editor" minor mode, where the cursor pretends to advance by nibbles (4-bit) and the self-insertion keys (which only work for hex-digits) will only modify the nibble under point.

  • nhexl-overwrite-only-mode: a minor mode to try and avoid moving text. In this minor mode, not only self-inserting keys overwrite existing text, but commands like `yank' and kill-region as well.

  • It overrides C-u to use hexadecimal, so you can do C-u a 4 C-f to advance by #xa4 characters.

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