Package: ao @ 1.2.0


Cross platform audio library


Libao is a cross-platform audio library that allows programs to output audio using a simple API on a wide variety of platforms. It currently supports:

  1. Null output (handy for testing without a sound device),

  2. WAV files,

  3. AU files,

  4. RAW files,

  5. OSS (Open Sound System, used on Linux and FreeBSD),

  6. ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture),

  7. aRts (Analog RealTime Synth, used by KDE),

  8. PulseAudio (next generation GNOME sound server),

  9. esd (EsounD or Enlightened Sound Daemon),

  10. Mac OS X,

  11. Windows (98 and later),

  12. AIX,

  13. Sun/NetBSD/OpenBSD,

  14. IRIX,

  15. NAS (Network Audio Server),

  16. RoarAudio (Modern, multi-OS, networked Sound System),

  17. OpenBSD's sndio.

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