Package: java-commons-lang3 @ 3.4


Extension of the java.lang package


The Commons Lang components contains a set of Java classes that provide helper methods for standard Java classes, especially those found in the java.lang package. The following classes are included:

  • StringUtils - Helper for java.lang.String.

  • CharSetUtils - Methods for dealing with CharSets, which are sets of characters such as [a-z] and [abcdez].

  • RandomStringUtils - Helper for creating randomised strings.

  • NumberUtils - Helper for java.lang.Number and its subclasses.

  • NumberRange - A range of numbers with an upper and lower bound.

  • ObjectUtils - Helper for java.lang.Object.

  • SerializationUtils - Helper for serializing objects.

  • SystemUtils - Utility class defining the Java system properties.

  • NestedException package - A sub-package for the creation of nested exceptions.

  • Enum package - A sub-package for the creation of enumerated types.

  • Builder package - A sub-package for the creation of equals, hashCode, compareTo and toString methods.

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