Package: sbcl-njson @ 1.0.0


JSON handling framework for Common Lisp


NJSON aims to make it convenient for one to decode, encode, and process JSON data, in the minimum keystrokes/minutes possible.

NJSON is parser-independent, with existing Common Lisp JSON parsers being loadable as additional system. cl-json is included by default, though. Conveniences that NJSON provides are:

  • encode and decode as single entry points for JSON reading and writing, be it from streams/string/files, or from those.

  • jget, jrem, jtruep, and their aliases to access/delete the decoded objects' properties and check their truth value without the need to worry about the low-level details of how these values are decoded.

  • jif, jwhen, jor, jand, and other macros mimicking Lisp ones, while using truth values of JSON-decoded data.

  • njson/aliases package to nickname to j for all the forms conveniently accessible as j:rem, j:get, j:if etc.

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