Package: wabt @ 1.0.12


WebAssembly Binary Toolkit


WABT (pronounced: wabbit) is a suite of tools for WebAssembly, including:

  1. wat2wasm translates from WebAssembly text format to the WebAssembly binary format

  2. wasm2wat is the inverse; it translates from the binary format back to the text format (also known as a .wat)

  3. wasm-objdump prints information about a wasm binary, similarly to objdump.

  4. wasm-interp decodes ands run a WebAssembly binary file using a stack-based interpreter

  5. wat-desugar parses .wat text form as supported by the spec interpreter (s-expressions, flat syntax, or mixed) and prints the canonical flat format

  6. wasm2c converts a WebAssembly binary file to a C source and header file.

These tools are intended for use in (or for development of) toolchains or other systems that want to manipulate WebAssembly files.

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