Package: emacs-helpful @ 0.18


More contextual information in Emacs help


helpful is an alternative to the built-in Emacs help that provides much more contextual information.

  • Show the source code for interactively defined functions (unlike the built-in Help).

  • Fall back to the raw sexp if no source is available.

  • Show where a function is being called.

  • Docstrings will Highlight the summary (the first sentence), include cross-references, hide superfluous puncuation.

  • Show you the properties that have been applied to the current symbol. This provides visibility of features like edebug or byte-code optimisation.

  • Provide a separate helpful-command function to view interactive functions.

  • Display any keybindings that apply to interactive functions.

  • Trace, disassemble functions from inside Helpful. This is discoverable and doesn't require memorisation of commands.

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