Package: sieve-connect @ 0.90


ManageSieve client for managing Sieve e-mail filters


Sieve-connect lets you view, upload, edit, delete, and otherwise manage Sieve scripts on any mail server that speaks the ManageSieve protocol, as specified in RFC 5804.

Sieve (RFC 5228) is a specialised language for e-mail filtering. Sieve scripts are stored on the server and run whenever mail arrives. They can automatically sort new messages into folders, silently reject them, send an automated response, and more.

sieve-connect is designed to be both a tool which can be invoked from scripts as well as a decent interactive client. It supports TLS for connection privacy, as well as authentication with SASL or GSSAPI client certificates. It should be a drop-in replacement for sieveshell from the Cyrus IMAP project.

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